About us

Bergabo was constructed in 1898 as the summer residence of the district judge of that time, Ossian Rygård.

Rygård was a wealthy man who thought nothing of taking the steamer from his property in Långedrag in Gothenburg to the jetty down at Sundet in Rönnäng. As soon as it was built Bergabo became one of the largest houses in Rönnäng and Rygård made sure that he acquired a sizeable chunk of the surrounding land, almost exactly 60 000 m² including the headland at Tjörnehuvud.

Bergabo continued to be owned by Rygård’s family until 1947 when Borås County Council bought the property and turned it into a holiday home for council workers. A change of name took place and Bergabo became Tjörngården. At first Tjörngården was looked after by a number of different people from Borås but eventually a man called Ebbe Ljungdell was appointed, a very able man with great charisma.

Ljungdell managed Tjörngården with his family for many years. A large number of Borås’s residents spent time at Tjörngården and this is no doubt one of the reasons why so many now live on Tjörn all year round or still come here for their holidays.

Tjörngården hosted many summer camps as well as being used purely and simply as holiday accommodation. While owned by Borås County Council the property became Tjörngården Guesthouse and some additional rooms were built on. The guesthouse was run by different people but the costs for Borås Council became too high and in 1985 they decided to sell it.

A property owner from Borås called Olle Johansson placed the highest bid and bought the business.

Tjörngården got a facelift and a substantial re-build/new build was initiated. The apartments were added at this time and some of them were leased by a housing association.

Subsequently, Tjörngården was transformed from a guesthouse into a hotel with conference facilities.

From 1985 to 1992 Tjörngården was run by various innkeepers with very differing amounts of success, which resulted in mounting costs for Olle Johansson.

In January 1993 David Ahlborg and Patrik Forsling entered the scene and took over the running of Tjörngården, which quickly developed into a modern hotel with extensive accommodation, hosting conferences and events. One of the changes that was made was to reinstate the name Bergabo.

Patrik Forsling left Bergabo in 1998 to concentrate on other projects and David Ahlborg began bit by bit to buy up the buildings and the Tjörnehuvud headland from Olle Johansson, who sold the last part in 2005. Today Bergabo is run exclusively by the Ahlborg family and is undergoing continual development in order to become one of the foremost conference centres in Sweden.


We’d love to welcome you to Bergabo!